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Would anyone be able to provide an ethereum state trie diagram depicting how an ethereum transaction gets stored in the state trie?

@atom33ls provided an example in the question thread Ethereum Block Architecture, but I'm still a little confused. The diagram provided has a Simplified World State key-value mapping table, top right corner. This is a great diagram but I'm confused by the table. I don't quite understand how the keys are derived? Any insight would be appreciated.

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This has something to do with Merkle Patricia Tree. If you go through article you will find 4 different types of node:

  • NULL (represented as the empty string)
  • branch A 17-item node [ v0 ... v15, vt ]
  • leaf A 2-item node [ encodedPath, value ]
  • extension A 2-item node [ encodedPath, key ]

From the keys in the diagram you can trace the path through shared nibbles in extension nodes, positions in the branch nodes and so on until you reach key-end.

Hope that will help!

  • Yes, I've reviewed the paper in your response. I must be a dumb dumb because I'm still lost. Arghh..
    – Grampian
    Commented Dec 15, 2017 at 22:52

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