I just created a new account on myetherwallet.com and installed geth on windows. I opened cmd and typed in 'cd/' and typed 'geth account list'.

In return, I got a warning saying there's no etherbase set and no accounts found as default.

Naturally, I wanted to add my existing account to the list.

So I typed 'geth account update 0x65E6ee5Eb448720E42D10542C5DE11eAaE5e384D'

Then it said

no etherbase set and no accounts found as default unlocking account 0x65E6ee5Eb448720E42D10542C5DE11eAaE5e384D | Attempt 1/3

I typed in the password I typed in on myetherwallet.com when I created my account.

In turn, it said

'Fatal : Failed to unlock account 0x65E6ee5Eb448720E42D10542C5DE11eAaE5e384D (no keyfor given address or file).

Not sure how to proceed from here... Any help?

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So you have 2 main options to replicate import the acccount you created on myEtherWallet.

Using Private Key

  • Open notepad and paste the private key in it. Let's name the file as priv_key.txt
  • Run the command:

    geth account import <path_to_priv_key.txt>

  • You need to choose the password, your keystore file will be locked with.

  • After successful import, delete the file priv_key.txt

Using Keystore file

  • My Ether Wallet also provides the keystore file directly that you can import to geth

  • Just move the keystore file keystore folder inside %APPDATA%\Ethereum. The password will be same as the one you provided in MEW.


Try importing a keystore file with this command: geth account import <keyfile>

You should have it from the registration of new wallet.

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