I made a Wallet Contract to store all the tokens an account possess.

There is a mapping(address=>TokenInfo[]), and address refers to the account, TokenInfo[] stored tokens which this account holds. TokenInfo is an array of TokenInfo struct, in which token is the token address, exist means whether the token has been added to the array.

contract Wallet {
    struct TokenInfo {
        IERC20Token token;
        uint exist;//0 means unregistered

    mapping(address=>TokenInfo[]) public tokenList;

    function Wallet() {


    function addToken(address _account, IERC20Token _token) public {
        for (uint i = 0; i < tokenList[_account].length; i++) {//seems didn't enter the loop
            if (tokenList[_account][i].exist == 0) {
                var tokenInfo = TokenInfo(_token, 1);

    function getTokenListLength(address _account) public constant returns (uint) {
        return tokenList[_account].length;

But when I call addToken() function, it didn't work. It seems that it never entered the loop.

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The default value in a mapping for an array is an empty array.

In your case this means tokenList[_account].length is equal to 0.

And the loop will never be entered because the condition i < tokenList[_account].length becames 0 < 0 which is false.

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