Importing presale wallet into Geth without downloading all the blockchain

I was wondering if it is possible to import a presale wallet into Geth without downloading the whole blockchain. I mean, is it possible to import the wallet immediately after starting Geth without syncing the whole blockchain

I am using Linux Ubuntu 15.10 and my harddrive space is a bit limited.

If the above if possible I am also wondering if it is possible to transfer the funds without syncing the whole blockchain.

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You can import pre-sale wallets without syncing the blockchain. I did that recently on a offline debian machine. You will end up with a regular "account" file in "./ethereum/keystore" which you can move to any synced geth instance and transact.

For the transfer part of your question, have a look at this: Is there any safe way to send money from a cold wallet, using an untrusted computer?


As @m0se said the import is independent from having a blockchain. Why is that and how does it work?

geth wallet import /path/to/my/presale.wallet

This command will ask you for your wallet password and decrypt your wallet into the keystore ~/.ethereum/keystore/ But then you need a fully synced node to send the transaction.

Comfortable alternatives are myethwallet or kraken's presale wallet importer Both handle the decryption of your wallet offline, sign the transaction offline and then send the transaction to their own geth node. You are not required to have a geth running on your computer.

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