I am trying to decode the following smart contract ABI. When I try to decode a transaction input with it, it yields following error:

Unhandled rejection BigNumber Error: new BigNumber() not a number: 27699642598250537994,27699642598250537994,27699642598250537994,27699642598250537994,27699642598250537994,27699642598250537994,27699642598250537994,...

I am using the following code to decode the contract:

    const source = fs.readFileSync("MultiSend.sol", "utf8");
    const compiledContract = solc.compile(source, 1);
    const abi = JSON.parse(compiledContract.contracts[":Airdropper"].interface);

    const abiDecoder = require("abi-decoder");

    Config.web3.eth.getTransaction("0x8f2c00ebd1f5bce60fcc09024423037813e7bc21f5e995f10bff225502b8beab").then((t: any) => {
        const decodedInput = abiDecoder.decodeMethod(t.input);

        // handle decoded input....

My goal is to decode the multi-send operation of the contract.

Can anybody help?

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I resolved the issue by using another ABI decoder

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