Does anyone know how to install BLOCKBENCH: A Framework for Analyzing Private Blockchains.?


I forked the original repo and made some improvements for running the kvstore benchmark for ethereum. My write-up on how I use the fork to run the benchmark can be found on medium: https://medium.com/@mu7eh7/running-blockbench-for-ethereum-6dca3ed44a35

If you want to use the original repo, you will have to do the following:

  1. Checkout the README files e.g. in the /src and /benchmark/ethereum
  2. Compile/prepare the benchmark client(s) that you want to use, they can be found in the /src folder, e.g. build https://github.com/ooibc88/blockbench/tree/master/src/macro/kvstore by (preparing the dependencies and) running make (my fork contains a Dockerfile that installs all dependencies into a container)
  3. Modify the benchmark scripts and parameters in the /benchmark/ethereum folder (the scripts contain e.g. a hard-coded username and the parameters in the env.sh file need to be adjusted to your setup.

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