I know CoinMarketCap lists daily trading volumes for multiple currencies, but how do we access a log of these volumes for a given currency over time?


I don't know of any historical logs, but you could grab the live data yourself.

One way to do this would be to use the CoinMarketCap API, call it yourself at defined intervals, and process the data however you like.

Specifically, use the ticker for Ethereum:


Then get the volume per currency by adding the appropriate query string. e.g. ETH/IOTA pair:



        "id": "ethereum", 
        "name": "Ethereum", 
        "symbol": "ETH", 
        "rank": "2", 
        "price_usd": "465.152", 
        "price_btc": "0.039602", 
        "24h_volume_usd": "1199850000.0", 
        "market_cap_usd": "44727531235.0", 
        "available_supply": "96156807.0", 
        "total_supply": "96156807.0", 
        "max_supply": null, 
        "percent_change_1h": "-0.77", 
        "percent_change_24h": "-0.52", 
        "percent_change_7d": "-2.55", 
        "last_updated": "1512514456", 
        "price_miota": "123.121374543", 
        "24h_volume_miota": "317589048.839",    <-------- 24-hour volume
        "market_cap_miota": "11838958288.0"
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