Sorry in advance for my english I am French :)

I try to create a simple ethereum wallet. The idea is to allow the user to create a contract and to interact with it. I am using meteor, web3 and an testRPC node.

Basically for the interactions with the contract, for each contract I print on the browser the list of its functions . The user has just to click on the function he wants, then a pop up is printed to retrieve the arguments of the functions. Then I use web3 to send the request to a testRPC node and use a callback to print the result for the user.

The problem is that basically I don't obviously know in advance what is the function and the arg. So I index each of my html file with a special number and in combination with the dataBase, I retrieve the address of the contract, and all the informations about the function (using the ABI). Then I create three variables :

  1. a variable contract
  2. a variable functionPrototype = abi of my function
  3. a dictionary args = {nameArg1 : arg1, nameArg2 : arg2 etc...} which contains my arguments.

Then I have the contract, the name of the function and the args.

If the original Solidity function is :

  • function whatever(type nameArg1, type nameArg2) public{}

I would like to use the following web3 function to send my request:

  • contract[functionPrototype.name](args, {from: account, gas: 350000}, function(err, result){})

But this request doesn't work . The following request, when I write all the args, works :

  • contract[functionPrototype.name](arg1, arg2, {from: account, gas: 350000}, function(err, result){})

So the people can say : why you don't use the second request?

Because there are an infinite number of functions and I can't write all the arguments for each function. I need to automate all the process, so basically retrieve the arg and the name of the functions and using as input a dictionary or an array.

I have tried to use the function apply, with an array but it doesn't work either. I have all the time a WebSocket is closed due to suspension.

So do you know how I can send my arguments using a dictionary or an array to a solidity function?

Merci beaucoup!!!

And good luck for your jobs

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What was your code for the apply function? It should be

contract[funcName].apply(contract, paramsArray)

If your framework support ES2015 you can use spread in function calls

  • Yes I have used contract[functionPrototype.name].apply(contract, dataSend, {from: itemDB.account, gas: 350000}, function(err, result){} with dataSend equal to an array but each time I have WebSocket connection to ws://localhost:3000/sockjs/893/uo39ftt_/websocket' failed: WebSocket is closed due to suspension. Dec 5, 2017 at 7:46
  • You have to put all the parameters in the array, ie {from: "0x", gas: 1..}, and also the callback has to be in the array. You can do dataSend.push({from: ...}), and then dataSend.push(function (err, result) { ...}) before the using apply. And then execute contract[funcName].apply(contract, dataSend).
    – Ismael
    Dec 5, 2017 at 14:31
  • Thank you Ismael it works! During two days I was completely stuck. So thank you very much! Dec 5, 2017 at 15:05

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