So I've read Ethereum Payment Channel in 50 Lines of Code and have the general gist of how the contract works. But I don't understand how the signed messages are transmitted between Alice and Bob. Communication isn't done through the blockchain, so via what medium are messages passed?

I'm presuming there is a clever ethereum way to send messages, rather than having to fall back on sending signed messages via email.

Thanks in advance.

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Raiden relies on each party running a separate client (it's currently Python based). These clients are linked to the user's Ethereum address at start-up. Each client maintains its own current token balances etc.

The main point is that these clients talk to each other over the network/Internet via their own protocol (default port 40001), and exchange events and balance-proofs between themselves by this means. No reason it couldn't be done via email or other mechanism, but the client makes all of this transparent.

Raiden uses a smart contract to maintain mappings of Ethereum addresses to network locations, so your client knows where to find mine when you want to send me tokens. (It's more complicated than that - there is capability for network routing, but this is the essence.)

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