What is it and why is it written like that. I check pre-sale contract and it was defined in integer.

uint constant TOKEN_LIMIT = 444 * 1e6 * 1e18;

Specifically that part: 1e6 * 1e18

I really didn't get it and I tried to google it but I'm out of ideas.

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Soldity can't handle floating point numbers so it must store decimals in integer form.

The 1e<n> notation basically means "1 followed by n number of zeros". So 1e2 is equal to 100 and 1e4 is equal to 10000, and so on.

The expression 444 * 1e6 * 1e18 then means:


1e6 = 1000000 (6 zeros)

1e18 = 1000000000000000000 (18 zeros)

so TOKEN_LIMIT = 444 × 1000000 × 1000000000000000000

There are 444,000,000 total tokens (444 × 1e6), but taking account decimal places (the SOMN token supports up to 18 decimal places) it then becomes (444,000,000 × 1e18).

TLDR; 1eN is exponential notation, to better represent the number of zeros. Solidity only supports fixed-point numbers.

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