I have sent ETH from one my ether wallets to another; this is the TX: 0xfd1f16c53057a5c8bca535d088b3976068869bdc676d45a47d324cd6a7b24dfe at Etherscan where the status reports 'success'however my balance still shows zero. Can someone please advise what i need to do? Thanks


How do you check the balance? Your local blockchain is probably not synchronized and it is the reason the balance is outdated. Etherscan reports that balance is not zero.


  • Hi Andrey, I checked my balance at Ethersan, while I was waiting for a response to my question, I refreshed my wallets - the transfer was confirmed. All is well. Best Rupert – Rupert and Sandra RAIKES Dec 4 '17 at 23:36

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