I've noticed some weird behavior using Geth. My setup is that I am running Geth 1.7.3 with this command:

geth.exe --cache=1024 --rpc --datadir "C:\data\ethereum_blockchain"

Then, I start Mist and it connects to Geth just fine. But it does not load my account. My %appdata%/Ethereum directory is present with my Keystore inside it.

When I copied the keystore directory to C:\data\ethereum_blockchain\keystore, then Mist loaoded my wallet.

Is this expected? Have I been misunderstanding what --datadir is suppoosed to do?


The default behavior is to assume the keystore is inside your data directory. But geth have an option to allow setting different paths for each

geth --datadir DATA_DIR --keystore KEYSTORE_DIR

  • Thank you, this is helpful. So if I just use "geth --datadir xx", then load Mist and create a new wallet, my keystore would be in the xx directory? Not that I uh, lost a keystore or anything.. – emulcahy Dec 5 '17 at 0:32
  • Yes, using --datadir will only search for your keystore in the new directory. Your previous keystore should still be intact inside %AppData%\Ethereum (but always make a backup copy). – Ismael Dec 5 '17 at 3:01

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