I am modifying the file config.go in the geth project for a private blockchain.

Here are the config.go variables

// MainnetChainConfig is the chain parameters to run a node on the main network.
MainnetChainConfig = &ChainConfig{
    ChainId:        big.NewInt(1),
    HomesteadBlock: big.NewInt(1150000),
    DAOForkBlock:   big.NewInt(1920000),
    DAOForkSupport: true,
    EIP150Block:    big.NewInt(2463000),
    EIP150Hash:     common.HexToHash("0x2086799aeebeae135c246c65021c82b4e15a2c451340993aacfd2751886514f0"),
    EIP155Block:    big.NewInt(2675000),
    EIP158Block:    big.NewInt(2675000),
    ByzantiumBlock: big.NewInt(math.MaxInt64), // Don't enable yet

    Ethash: new(EthashConfig),

If I give an example of my test network

"config": {
    "chainId": 87079082075,
    "homesteadBlock": 0,
    "eip155Block": 0,
    "eip158Block": 0
"nonce": "0x0000087079082075",
"timestamp": "0x0",
"parentHash": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"extraData": "0x00",
"gasLimit": "0x8000000",
"difficulty": "0x400",
"mixhash": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"coinbase": "0x3333333333333333333333333333333333333333"

Some parameters / variables are straight forward to map.

Here is my attempt

ChainId big.NewInt(87079082075),
HomesteadBlock: big.NewInt(0),
DAOForkBlock:   big.NewInt(0),
DAOForkSupport: true,
EIP150Block:    big.NewInt(0),
EIP150Hash:     common.HexToHash("NotSureWhereToGetThisValue"),
EIP155Block:    big.NewInt(0),
EIP158Block:    big.NewInt(0),
ByzantiumBlock: big.NewInt(math.MaxInt64)

I then get confused with the values in util.go and will it overwrite these values in config.go.

I also do not see in config.go the values associated with the other genesis file parameters like difficulty and gaslimit. I think they are updated in protocol_params.go can someone confirm I am observing the code correctly and on the right track.

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