When I tried out the wallet mist and geth, I wasn't aware of the --light option. Therefore the applications have downloaded the full chain to my local MacbookPro (macos).

It is now sitting at 45.5Gb.

I would like to be able to reclaim the space.

Here is my plan:

1) Shutdown the applications mist and geth

2) Remove all files under ~/Library/Ethereum/geth/chaindata/

3) Start geth with geth --light --rpc

4) Start mist with mist --rpc http://localhost:8545

Is this plan reasonable? Is there any potential pitfall?

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Decempber 5 Pető Zoltán @micahaza states that the --light mode is buggy and not to use it on the Mist Gitter channel. It seems that the problems with light sync are causing low network usage.

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