This question is really simple, I was wondering if when homestead arrives Ether's issuance rate will increase as it was originally planed, because quoting Ethereum's blog post "Ethereum Launch Process"

Homestead is where we move after Frontier. We expect the following three major changes. Ether mining will be at 100% rather than 10% of the usual reward rate


No, they ditched the 10% idea. The issuance model will not change. The rate might increase slightly, because the block time will go to around 15 seconds instead of 17.

Frontier Blog Post:

Many of the planned Frontier gotchas (which included a chain reset at Homestead, limiting mining rewards to 10%, and centralized checkpointing) were deemed unnecessary. 

Vitalik on Reddit:

I ran simulations on my new block time algorithm, and it actually does reduce expected block time from 17 seconds to 15 seconds as a side effect.

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    I accepted your answer but a link to where Ethereum makes official they no longer support the 10% idea would be really appreciated. – wacax Jan 25 '16 at 17:08
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    Good point, added links – Tjaden Hess Jan 25 '16 at 17:32

Elaborating on Tjaden's answer: Issuance will increase by ~10%.

Vitalik - February 2016:

The block time will likely decrease from ~17s to ~15s, and this will increase issuance by ~10% (this isn't an unexpected change so much as a correction; the initial intent had been for a block to come every ~15s but we overestimated block propagation times and so it ended up coming every ~17s in Frontier)


(I couldn't find an up-to-date, canonical answer for this. A better question for this answer would be What is the full block reward?, but that has been duplicated to this one... )

The current issuance rate - as of the Byzantium hard-fork and EIP-649 - is set at 3 ether, reduced from the previous 5.

As per ByzantiumBlockReward in consensus.go:

// Ethash proof-of-work protocol constants.
var (
    FrontierBlockReward    *big.Int = big.NewInt(5e+18) // Block reward in wei for successfully mining a block
    ByzantiumBlockReward   *big.Int = big.NewInt(3e+18) // Block reward in wei for successfully mining a block upward from Byzantium
    maxUncles                       = 2                 // Maximum number of uncles allowed in a single block
    allowedFutureBlockTime          = 15 * time.Second  // Max time from current time allowed for blocks, before they're considered future blocks
  • Hey Richard, thanks for the reply. This is an old question regarding the transition between frontier and homestead and an original proposal of increasing Ether's issuance ten-fold something that didn't happen. – wacax Apr 9 '18 at 15:14
  • Yeah - agreed, a bit out of place. I was looking for an answer to reference when answering a different question, and could only find the "What is the full block reward?" question, which is the headline I wanted, but the wrong idea. I followed the dupe to your question, but I agree, it's not the right place. I'll make a new question and add my answer, and delete this one. Thanks for following up :-) – Richard Horrocks Apr 9 '18 at 15:18

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