I am new to the blockchain technology. I want to test the blockchain functionality of a decentralized ledger.

I have created a hello world smart contract(on solidity, geth, mist browser) on computer A. Now I want to bring down the geth console on computer A and then start the geth console on computer B and test if I can see the hello world smart contract on computer B. what is the process to test this functionality? kindly help

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First you need to run mist on computer B and import your wallet keystore file. Second, To import a contract you need to go into the mist and click contracts-->watch contract, Then you need to give your contract address, contract Name and paste the json code in the json interface and click ok. See below:Import contract

  • I want to test this scenario: I have create hello world smart contract(solidity) on private ethereum node. If computer A crashes and I do not have any contract address, json interface etc. I should be able to sync computer A with computer B. My Questions: How to sync the blocks? How can the two machines see each other as peers? If there are any changes done on computer A, I should be able to see the changes in the computer B. So that if computer A crashes, I should be able to continue with computer B as I have synced the blocks. I want to know what is the process to do this.
    – rupali
    Nov 30, 2017 at 3:39

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