I have created 2 contracts in solidity and trying to deploy the contract using (geth console, mist browser). Seller and Buyer.

In seller contract, I am creating seller name, productquantity, perunitcost. In the buyer contract, I am creating buyer name. Now I want to read the data of seller in the buyer contract, so that the buyer can make a purchase. How can I read data from one smart contract to another? Kindly help

  • so, did you manage to implement it? and is it just me or do i only see errors in the gif posted? spent almost a week now with solidity, having gone through all the docs, and what not before that and barely see anything functional..
    – Martyn Nyx
    Commented Feb 6, 2018 at 11:50

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It's pretty easy, you can refer to another contract by address and call its functions if they are public:

 contract Foo {
    uint public value = 123;

  contract Bar {
  Foo foo;
    function MyContract(address otherAddress) {
      foo = Foo(otherAddress);
    function getFooValue() constant returns(uint){
      return foo.value();

See the fiddle in action: https://ethfiddle.com/T-9cXyBwgI enter image description here


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