Do you have to do anything special to create a bootnode on Parity? I was just using the Parity enodes in a private genesis file.

I guess I have to open port 30301?

Anything else?


To run a bootnode, you should

  1. increase your --max-peers to something sensible like 1024,
  2. make sure port 30303 is open (or whatever your node's network port is)

Other than that, that's it. Bootnodes are just normal nodes. It's recommended to have decent hardware though, especially for larger networks.

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  • So 30304/UDP is not necessary? I assumed 30303 and 30304/UDP were necessary but you specified 30303 so the question of 30304/UDP comes up. Also please explain the --max-peers reason? – stone.212 Aug 24 '18 at 2:56

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