I am trying to create applications using Monax. I am using the reference given in Monax for developing app https://github.com/monax/hello-doug. I have created hello-chain as mentioned in their Read-me. I am trying to start app using ```npm install``,but it returns the following error.

> hello-doug@0.0.2 start /home/maria/Documents/Monax-Sample-App/hello-doug
> node app.js

[2017-11-27 15:28:28.148] [INFO] [default] - Initializing LOG4JS ...
[2017-11-27 15:28:28.170] [INFO] [default] - Configuring logger for category: Main, level: INFO
[2017-11-27 15:28:28.173] [INFO] Main - Starting platform ...
[2017-11-27 15:28:28.707] [INFO] monax.db - Connection established with node at URL http://localhost:1337/rpc
[2017-11-27 15:28:28.708] [INFO] monax.app - Creating a new application manager from JSON:    {"DealManager":"","defaultAddr":"4B7AA356E0A413B076E71B5E4CAB7C793410E480"}
[2017-11-27 15:28:28.708] [DEBUG] hello.contracts - Detected 1 contracts to be loaded: DealManager
[2017-11-27 15:28:28.709] [DEBUG] monax.app - Loading contract DealManager
[2017-11-27 15:28:28.712] [ERROR] Main - Unexpected error initializing the application: Contract not found in JSON: DealManager

The generated epm.otput.json file is as follows :-

   "DealManager": "",
   "defaultAddr": "4B7AA356E0A413B076E71B5E4CAB7C793410E480"

I have found a json in the sqlsol folder.

How can I resolve this issue?

Any help is appreciated.


it seems that the contracts did not deploy correctly, so the application is missing the DealManager smart contract to talk to on the chain. The DealManager entry in the epm.output.json should show an address, if it was deployed successfully.

What was the output of the monax pkgs do ... command? Any errors?

  • monax pkgs do -c hello-chain -a $fullAccount *****Executing Job***** Job Name defaultAddr Writing [epm.output.json] to current directory It returns the following message with the aboive output Nov 27 '17 at 12:23
  • 1
    This is the right answer, there was a problem with the contract deployment, that's why there is not address for the DealManager. If you're using the examples on the site with monax v0.18 then remove the lines in the epm yaml file that are just job: and you should be gtg Nov 27 '17 at 19:53
  • @CaseyKuhlman I am using Monax CLI version :- 0.18.0 . I am following the tutorial monax.io/docs/getting-started .As you mentioned, I have updated the epm.yaml by job: ..It returns the following error. Sorry, the marmots were unable to load the monax jobs file. Please check your path: While parsing config: yaml: line 4: mapping values are not allowed in this context Nov 28 '17 at 5:26
  • @CaseyKuhlman This is for your reference regarding versions SERVICE ON VERSION compilers * 0.18.0 keys * 0.17.0 CHAIN ON VERSION hello-chain-test - 0.17.0 advchain - 0.17.0 advchain2 - 0.17.0 firstchain * 0.17.0 . Nov 28 '17 at 5:27
  • @BTCETHswap Any suggestions regarding this issue? Nov 28 '17 at 6:36

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