Ignoring EIP 155 and any other measures in place to prevent this, how would one technically replay a transaction on some other Ethereum chain?

Context: I have two private chains and want to see if I can replicate Chain 1's state by taking all txns and replaying them on a fresh Chain 2.

I thought I'd be able to resumbit input from web3.eth.getTransaction() in web3.eth.sendRawTransaction() but am getting an undocumented rlp error (expected input list for types.txdata), which seems to indicate the node is unhappy about something fundamental in the encoding process. The transaction I'm trying with is a contract deployment.

Keep in mind that we're replaying right from the start, so nonces should not be an issue. All relevant accounts are funded.

Geth: 1.7.2-stable

Web3: 0.17.0-beta

  • input is probably the wrong thing to submit as e.g. value txns only have 0x, so that doesn't make sense. – Joël Nov 28 '17 at 2:45

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