I've created a contract.

When I try and add it in to MKEF to MyEtherWallet it says it is not a valid ERC-20 Token?


Here is the contact address.

I am very new to this as you can probably tell.


This is not exactly an answer to your question more of a suggestion but try the Parity Wallet which has built-in token creation. I will take a closer look at your code and see why in the mean time

Parity Wallet Github


Your contract doesn't follow the EIP-20 standard specification.

It is missing several methods like balanceOf, approve, transferFrom, etc.


For it to be a valid token/compliant you must implement the erc-20 Standard. You can either implement the missing functionality directly in your contract or inherit from an abstract contract. Redeploy with the changes and it should be ok!

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