Is that true: files with *.ldb = LevelDB files?

So i looked for LevelDB GUI managers and launched some of them to look through my local test chain:

  1. levelui (can't launch)
  2. Keylord (launch but get strange ureadable view of chain)
  3. DB Browser for Sqlite (not for this, but also open ldb with answering me for db password, where it get - didn't know)

All solutions which i tried - bad. Also i look at ganache, but this is not that i need.

I want to find a way to look readable raw blocks in local test chain, to understand how wallets, contracts, blocks look. Maybe anyone know how it do much better - give some advice please. I found so-so example which more closest to my problem: block 911516 in etherchain, but with maybe some info, not with all.

thx a lot.

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Is there any GUI to see the chain from ldb database: view blocks, wallets, etc?

Probably not, but it'd be an interesting project to put together.

The problem is that within the database, the data is encoded using Ethereum's RLP encoding, so any tool would need to be able to strip this off. None of the tools you've mentioned above have any knowledge of this encoding, so...

Keylord (launch but get strange ureadable view of chain)...

...you end up with this, which is presumably the RLP-encoded data.

The following walk-through will give you an idea of how things are laid out, and how to go about reading them, but it's all done in Nodejs, rather than through a GUI: Using Ethereum's Tries with Nodejs

  • hm.. also, yes i'm looking that article with Nodejs right now
    – Gudsaf
    Nov 25, 2017 at 15:13

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