I am new for ethereum and I have a few knowledge in ethereum token. I already created my own custom cryptocurrency using ethereum wallet app.

Now I want to integrate it with my app for transaction and all. And also want a user interface to manage wallet money/token for sending, receiving, balance for all users.


I strongly recommend you to study Solidity and Javascript, in order to write your own smart contracts and the user interface, you can find a good amount of information about solidity here Solidity Documentation.

About the user interface, is recommended to use the Ethereum JavaScript API - Web3, it's used to connect your interface with the Ethereum Blockchain, using javascript. You can also use any framework you wish, for example: React and Angular.

Tools that I use and recommend to develop smart contracts:

  1. Remix (Web Ide)
  2. Truffle Network (Test and compile the smart contracts)
  3. Geth (Run TestRPC network)
  4. MetaMask (Browser to run dapps without running a node)
  5. Mist Wallet (Ethereum wallet)
  • Mist is deprecated now. Sep 9 '19 at 12:46

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