I know that the cost of a transaction is gasUsed * gasPrice. Gas used cannot really change unless you change your smart contract code or the gas cost of EVM opcode.

So the gas price is currently 10gwei, it's almost nothing but smart contracts are getting more and more complex and even though I follow Eth news everyday and own Eth, am not willing to pay $1 to execute an action on a DAPP.

That's why I think very low transaction cost is really necessary in the future (even maybe free) for mainstream adoption.

TLDR: What will be the gas price when Eth uses Proof Of Stake ?


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Impossible to say for sure. However, we do know that block times will decrease to 4secs/block, so if demand stays the same, then fees will decrease.

Similarly, if Casper proves to be a big hit, and many more people start using DApps, then fees will increase. Basically just market dynamics, therefore hard to predict.

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