I want to develop smart contracts and started from scratch and i couldn't find a solution to set my CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin environment path!

  • Probably a better place for this question is stack overflow, on which there might have already been an answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/11840482/… . Not sure what you are trying to achieve: if you want the output directory to be in the operation system's path variable, you will have to manually add it; or if you want to set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX for your cmake build, you will have to either use "set" in your cmake file, or "-D" option in your cmake command. Nov 20, 2017 at 11:47

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If CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is set (check with echo $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX), then you would add


to one of your start up files (bashrc/zshrc).

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