First time geth user here. I'm trying to do some analysis on transactions on the mainnet and for that I need all the blocks since the beginning of time. When I just ran geth with no parameters, it looks like it is starting from only block 3280013 but I want it to start from block 1:

EDIT: I am looking for clarification of what startingBlock means, not how to download the whole blockchain and how --fast helps. This is not a duplicate.

enter image description here

Will it still work and will I get block data from the beginning of time?



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Straight from the docs here


Object|Boolean - A sync object as follows, when the node is currently syncing or false:

startingBlock: Number - The block number where the sync started. currentBlock: Number - The block number where at which block the node currently synced to already. highestBlock: Number - The estimated block number to sync to.

So it has nothing to do with the block from which geth will sync but rather the block at which the sync started. For instance, if you stopped syncing at 3500000 exclusive by turning your node off and then resumed, your startingBlock would be 3500000.

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