Here I have a function which deploys a Contract straight from bytecode, but let say my contract needs some arguments in the constructor, is it possible to pass them through create opcode?

function deployCode(bytes _code) returns (address deployedAddress) {
    assembly {
        deployedAddress := create(0, add(_code, 0x20), mload(_code))
        jumpi(invalidJumpLabel, iszero(extcodesize(deployedAddress)))
    return deployedAddress

Constructor arguments are appended to the deployment byte code in the standard ABI format.

For example, this contract takes uint constructor argument.

contract Foo {
    uint a;
    function Foo(uint _a) public {
        a = _a;

It compiles to the following deployment bytecode:


If we want to pass the value 42 (0x2a) to the constructor then we append the 32-byte ABI version of 0x2a to the bytecode that we give to the CREATE operation. The constructor knows where to find it. I.e. Pass this to CREATE:


When the contract is CREATEd, its storage will be immediately populated with 42.

This is exactly the same as passing constructor parameters when creating a contract from an Externally Owned Account.

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