Just wondering since I was trying to fast sync Ropsten with Mist and it came to a block number around 600,000 and stopped, so I closed Mist and reopened it and it only got to the "started swarm" part. Then I closed the command prompt and reopened Mist and now it has a ton more blocks and its back to 1%.

  • From my experience with latest version of geth v1.7.2 if you restart while it is syncing, when it is up again it will continue syncing again in fast mode. This does apply if you have finished syncing and shutdown your computer for a month, when it start again it will sync in fast mode. (All of this on Ubuntu 16.04) – Ismael Nov 16 '17 at 0:34

Yes, The fast sync will carry on and it will and the blocks from where it had left from the last time it was closed.

Thank you

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