I want to be involved in an ICO but it requires 20 ETH. Is there a way I can utilize an smart contract, where 5 ETH is sent to a group buy ETH address. Upon 20 ETH being sent to the ICO eth address, the tokens are split 4 ways to the 4 people that submitted 5 ETH each? I have no experience with writing smart contracts, but I keep hearing you can buy land with smart contracts, set up disbursement trusts, execute terms of wills, etc.

  • A group buy contract? Sure. You would first write some functions to fund the contract. Then you can send payments to the token sale contract from your contract, receiving tokens on your contract. Lastly you write a function to withdraw tokens from your contract to your account. Nov 14 '17 at 22:36

Yes, something like this is very possible, you'd just have to code a smart contract to do it.

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