I am trying to use the trace functionality included in the parity node (https://github.com/paritytech/parity/wiki/JSONRPC-trace-module) but I am having trouble configuring my node.

I have tried to run my parity node using

parity --tracing on --pruning archive

But I get the following issue:

TraceDB resync required

I have tried to reset my database by doing parity db kill and rerunning the first command but I get the same issue. Can anyone help me set up the TraceDB?

I am running parity through home-brew, version v1.8.2-beta


This is a minor annoyance, parity db kill does not reset your user defaults. Have a look at this:

 $ cat ~/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/chains/ethereum/user_defaults 

Editing this file to read "tracing":true will solve your issue.


I found a sort of solution, if you specify the db location (using --base-path) then it works. I think the parity db kill is not deleting an existing database of mine that I cannot find


I have gotten past this particular issue by removing the chain and re-sync'ing.

In my case, when I start up parity, I see:

2018-08-18 06:56:57  Starting Parity-Ethereum/v2.1.0-nightly-a6ce0fe57-20180818/x86_64-linux-gnu/rustc1.28.0
2018-08-18 06:56:57  Keys path /home/[user]/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/keys/[chain]
2018-08-18 06:56:57  DB path /home/[user]/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/chains/[chain]/db/471758401ece60a9

To get past the problem, I deleted all traces and started over again:

rm -rf /home/[user]/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/keys/[chain]
rm -rf /home/[user]/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/chains/[chain]

I don't think you need to remove the keys -- simply removing the chain db should be enough:

rm -rf /home/[user]/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/chains/[chain]/db

Obviously, you'll have to edit that to point to the parity chain db in your on environment. It may be as simple as replacing [user] with the user that runs parity and [chain] with the chain. It might not be located within your user account at all.


If you are on a testing blockchain you can just delete the cache and chains folder. Editing the file user_defaults to read "tracing":true did not solve the issue for me.

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