What are the average transaction propagation times in Ethereum for reaching 50% and 95% of nodes? That is, once a transaction is generated on a given node, how long does it take on average to reach 50% and 95% of nodes in the Ethereum network?

Vitalik mentions a paper presenting block propagation statistics for Bitcoin: https://blog.ethereum.org/2014/07/11/toward-a-12-second-block-time/

"According to a 2013 paper from Decker and Wattenhofer in Zurich, once a miner produces a block on average it takes 6.5 seconds for the block to reach 50% of nodes, 40 seconds for it to reach 95% of nodes and the mean delay is 12.6 seconds."

It would be interesting to have similar statistics for Ethereum transaction propagation times.

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