What is a simple utility or command line function I can add to a batch file or run independently to automatically update the computer's clock with a NIST time server? Ideally I'd love a utility or agent which syncs it every hour.

I've tried numerous times with Windows 10 registry options to no avail. I've also replaced the motherboard battery. I can 'unsync' and then 'sync' again using the Microsoft time settings interface, but it's inconvenient.

I've had clock drift while mining in the past and would love to not have to worry about this issue going forward.

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For MacOS, the following should work to sync the computer's clock with a time server (though you seem to be on Windows):

%> sudo sntp -s <time_server_hostname>

The sudo is needed to execute the command with root permission.

MacOS can also be set to automatically sync with a time server via System Preferences -> Date & Time settings.

On Windows, there should be something in Control Panel to specify a time server to automatically sync with.


You might try the Google NTP Servers https://developers.google.com/time/ . The other public ones can be overloaded

Right-click your clock and choose Adjust date/time Click on the Internet Time tab and then the Change Settings button Replace the default time server with time1.google.com Click Update Now Do this and you should receive a confirmation that your time was successfully synchronized with the NTP server. Going forward Windows will now synchronize there once per week.

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