How I can get ABI in multiple contract code? if the code is here:

Token address is: 0x4960a0Db832c3Bb503F3Da59a274D9385e0Ade5A

Crowdsale contract: 0x7a76d1A86a8b801865eC9134552904366b327A45

I tried to generate with values inside here: function MainCrowdsale(uint256 _saleLengthInMinutes, uint256 _rate, uint256 _goal, uint256 _cap, address _wallet)

Values should be: 33120; 1200; 50; 5000; 0x4960a0Db832c3Bb503F3Da59a274D9385e0Ade5A Am I correct?

Do I need to create more values or is there problem because there's mintable token and token value can't be set until crowdsale ends?

  • But How I can get encoded ABI from this code?
    – Cyzerx
    Feb 6, 2018 at 15:17
  • values are not used in getting method signature, only method definition is used
    – Nulik
    Jun 30, 2018 at 14:39

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Go here: https://remix.ethereum.org/

Copy and paste the code. Click on Details and look for the Interface section. Click on Copy button and paste your ABI wherever you like. Here's what I got when I did this:


Sorry - I'm short on time, so I'm not sure this is right (it looks too short), but this should give you a direction.

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