So, I have a contract deployed which has a simple function which returns a uint.

If I make the function constant it returns the correct value set as a BigNumber object, but if I remove the constant keyword then it doesn't return a BigNumber object.

Can anyone throw some light as to why this happens? As far as I know, the constant keyword is used so that you don't have to pay gas for retrieving the value.

My contract function code :

function getMyNymber() returns (uint256) {
    return myNumber;

The above method doesn't return a Big Number object.

function getMyNymber() constant returns (uint256) {
    return myNumber;

This returns a Big Number object, the only difference being the constant keyword.


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So I figured this out, if the function is not a constant function and requires gas to be executed then it requires a transaction to be sent and returns the transaction hash. Thus, I was getting the transaction hash instead of the actual value before making the function constant.

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