After compiling a smart contract with solc. I'm hitting some issues and would love some pointers for debugging/troubleshooting.


    $ node
    > var solc = require("solc")  
    > var src = `contract yoThere {
        string public msg;
        function yoThere() {
          msg = "Hey lol";

        function greet() constant returns(string) {
          return msg;

     > var comp = solc.compile(src)
  • Check contracts

    > comp.contracts.yoThere  

Though, if I try comp.contracts it returns the whole contract. What I would like to do is comp.contracts.yoThere.bytecode for example.

I don't know if the colon before the name :yoThere is an indication of something I've done wrong:

    > comp.contracts
    { ':yoThere': 
      { assembly: { '.code': [Array], '.data': [Object] },
      // ...

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

  • comp.contracts[":yoThere"].bytecode returns what I'm looking for. I'm not sure why : gets added in front of the contract's name at compilation. – Drew Ogryzek Nov 7 '17 at 15:13

According to github issue 83 for solc-js, "If you compile from something that is not a file, the compiler uses the empty file name and adds a : to separate filename and contract name."

This appears to have been introduced from solc 0.4.9.

Since the colon is added (as noted in the comment to the original question), comp.contracts[":yoThere"].bytecode provides the desired output. If having the colon added is not desired, compile from a file.

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