Hi I am making an ICO wallet. I know Mist browser(https://github.com/ethereum/mist) has a lightweight version coming up soon and ConsenSys(https://github.com/ConsenSys/eth-lightwallet) has one, but I prefer using Mist codebase with a full node running...

So How can I customize/modify/change the default startup url(wallet.ethereum.org) in Mist brwoser to my own ERC20 token url(my Dapp frontend url) so it shows the token amount? Thanks

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Use Linux command $ grep -r "wallet.ethereum.org"

tests/_base.js: url: 'https://wallet.ethereum.org', tests/_base.js: redirect: 'https://wallet.ethereum.org',

tests/mist/basic.test.js: yield this.navigateTo('https://wallet.ethereum.org'); tests/mist/basic.test.js: yield this.navigateTo(${this.fixtureBaseUrl}index.html?https://wallet.ethereum.org); tests/mist/basic.test.js: yield client.setValue('#url-input', ${this.fixtureBaseUrl}index.html?https://wallet.ethereum.org);

interface/client/appStart.js: url: 'https://wallet.ethereum.org', interface/client/appStart.js: redirect: 'https://wallet.ethereum.org',

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