I'm not sure why this is so tough but I can't find easy answer to do what I'm trying to do, which is following:

  1. Generate a new ETH address using passphrase using Geth (I can do this using "geth account new", and I see public key)

  2. It generates a keystore file (which I have after step 1)

  3. All I want to do now is extract public as well as unencrypted private key (I have the file and the passphrase) via command line (either using geth, or openssl or whatever). I can see both after importing it manually using MyEtherWallet but I need to be able to do this for multiple keys so need to do it via command line.

Is there ANY way to do the step 3 without doing it manually using some web interface like MEW?

Thanks in advance.



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If you have file and password you can use keythereum library.

  const wallet = JSON.parse("<wallet_file>");
  const key = keythereum.recover("<your_password>", wallet);

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