I am trying to send ethers to another address, using geth, and then geth attach, and then using web3js. But it is asking password:

Error: authentication needed: password or unlock

But I never put a password on any of the accounts. I tried the --unlock option when starting geth, but it only says Attempting to unlock, attempt 1/3 in the debug log, nothing else. I use all options in --rpcapi when starting geth. So what is this? Which password is it asking?

  • are you using a private network? If Yes, at some point you must have created an account. When you create an account, you are prompted to enter a password. And when you try to send a transaction from that address you need to unlock the account. The command used to unlock account is : personal.unlockAccount("address"). If still there is an issue, please update your question with more details like what are the exact steps you did to setup your network. – Prashant Prabhakar Singh Nov 4 '17 at 6:17

I don't think it's possible to create unlocked accounts. It is however possible that you set an empty password (just hit enter when asked for password). If that is the case, you still need to personal.unlockAccount("address") and just hit enter when asked for the password.


It is telling could not decrypt Error: could not decrypt key with given passphrase

if I am using personal.unlockAccount("address")

I have created account with empty password

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