I need some help for a little Project.

The idea is that I have three Raspberry Pi devices. Each one is connected to an temperature sensor.

I want to create an autonomous system in which these objects can communicate through the Ethereum Network and send data to a fourth Raspberry.

I want do store the data Transaction in the Chain an the temperature too. So I will have the Chance to get the data in the Chain and on my Server Raspberry.

Is this possible?


Yes, it is possible. You would have to have an Ethereum node running on the Raspberry PI so it can sign transactions to the blockchain whenever it detects a new reading.

Another way to make it work, but that is not completely decentralized, is having the Raspberry PIs store the data from the readings off-chain and then you could use Oraclize or another oracle service to query your off-chain db for the data from the smart contract.

  • Thank you! How can I put the data in the chain? I think I need a special genesis file? I think I need an extra variable for the data.
    Nov 4 '17 at 15:32

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