I was reading an interesting answer and wanted to make a quick test in browser-solidity.

My contract code is below and I'd just like to get the string I passed in the constructor.

contract testConstant{
string testString;
// {"_testString":"this is a test"}
function testConstant(string _testString) {
function gettestString() public constant returns(string) {
    return testString;

Attached a screenshot, maybe I'm overlooking something but it seems to me the gettestString in blue should return the arg I passed in the constructor : "this is a test"

enter image description here

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Your example works on latest Solidity version: 0.3.3-4dc1cb14/Release-Emscripten/clang/Interpreter


Cost: 805 gas. (caveat)

Decoded: string: this is a test

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