You can see the transaction here: Too much money for sure and for me. Is it lost? Hope not, tried to send by using myetherwallet they ask to have at least 0.1 ETH (30$), I have only 2$.

Is it possible to send via downloading full block-chain?

  • You should have plenty. Just set the gas price low on myetherwallet, set the gas limit to around 100k, and it should transfer fine. No need to run a full client.
    – natewelch_
    Nov 18 '17 at 20:22

If I understand correctly, you want to transfer 651 NMR from address 0xb8a3F6895486348485E3eD7E08d7980848bB139c to some place else.

To fix your problem, you just need to sign a transaction with a higher gas limit. Try with a gas limit of 50000 instead of 23600. Using ethgasstation calculator, running a transaction with 50k gas limit and a gas price of 21gwei will come to a tx cost of $0.0293/0.000105ETH which you have in your address, so this will succeed.

In short, up your gas limit to overcome the "Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]" exception & get a successful transaction.

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