In Bitcoin I can use the rpc calls to manage the node or broadcast transactions. How can this be done with Ethereum?

  • Is there a list of public open nodes I can use?
  • How can I do this in the browser using javascript?

The most easily-accessible source of "public" Ethereum nodes is probably Infura (https://infura.io/). There is also something called QuickNode (https://quiknode.io/), but I think their nodes are time limited. Infura's nodes are open to the public, but I've seen mention that it may not be forever.


In addition to the resources in the above answer, Alchemy has opened up an Ethereum node JSON-RPC API. We have found the service to be very reliable and fast. While Infura is a free service, Alchemy and QuickNode are not.


QuikNode now has a 100% free tier on their QuikNode API service. You get access to Ethereum MainNet just by registering an account QuikNode.io

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