I'm using web3J version 3.0.0-alpha4 and hit following problem. When I sign the same raw message (it's simply string like "TEST" for now) I get different signatures using web3js i web3j. The signature from web3js is valid (and web3j is not), I test it using solidity ecrecover function. It's worth to mention that hashes as you can see in the snippets are the same.

Java snippet:

String privateKey1 = "7196933fe363871920c59be78aa5c478bf6e6271532db5d0ce3b090518f91f03";
Credentials credentials = Credentials.create(privateKey1);
String testString = "\u0019Ethereum Signed Message:\n"+"TEST".length()+"TEST";
Sign.SignatureData signatureData = Sign.signMessage(testString.getBytes(), credentials.getEcKeyPair());
System.out.println("R: "+Numeric.toHexString(signatureData.getR()));
System.out.println("S: "+Numeric.toHexString(signatureData.getS()));
System.out.println("V: "+signatureData.getV());

Java result:

R: 0x9aae2a66c2c4b3d12f36ce26b59024b6deadcb8ac51f4bd14188feaec15b6c2f
S: 0x53037c38b48243e2bb852d7f857ccc2c24c1bb1c1842bb30f0bea555c995a626
V: 28

JS snippet:

hash = web3.sha3('TEST');
sig = web3.eth.sign(web3.eth.accounts[0], hash);
r = "0x"+sig.substr(2,64);
s = "0x"+sig.substr(66,64)
v = parseInt(sig.substr(130,2))+27;

JS result (testRPC 4.1.3 console):

truffle(development)> r
truffle(development)> s
truffle(development)> v

From the Ethereum documentation I started add "\u0019Ethereum Signed Message:\n"+"TEST".length() to the message, but it still didn't resolve the difference.


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This was working for me to get the JS to Solidity sha3 on the same value:


web3.sha3(value.toString().replace(/,/g ,"")+key);



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