Please suggest me? Which api should be the better option and is ethereum does not provide any api ? or we only need to access third party api?

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If you run a node (e.g. Geth or Parity) then you are able to expose a lot of functionality to yourself / your code via JSON RPC or the IPC interface.

Is there any api for creating the wallet

You can find the answer to creating a new account via JSON RPC, and what you should be wary of when doing so, in other questions such as this one.

Is there any api to transfer the ETH coin to wallet to wallet?

You can transfer Ether using the eth.sendTransaction function of the RPC interface / API e.g.

var sender = eth.accounts[0];
var receiver = eth.accounts[1];
var amount = web3.toWei(0.1, "ether");

eth.sendTransaction({from:sender, to:receiver, value: amount})

If you are not running your own node and still wish to use Ethereum, and other supported tokens use bloopi.

Bloopi supports a number of things with ruby and has a RESTFUL interface if you wish to not use ruby:


gem install bloopi


require 'bloopi'
Bloopi::API::Auth.new(client_id='', client_secret='').get_access_token

New wallet

args = {password:'[hidden]'}
ether_wallet = Bloopi::API::Ether.new_wallet(args)

Ether balance

args = {"address":"0xad96B1072E60f6279F628E7512242F9b1A83127F"}
ether_balance = Bloopi::API::Ether.balance(args)

Send Ether

Bloopi::API::Ether.transfer({:to_address=>"0xE4E3A170843C6fdF2D480592D20eC27985Bc05Dd", :from_address=>"0x7e3513840f6936efe9cc96c279917af6e3be682b", :password=>"[hidden]", :quantity=>0.0001})

Exchange Ether for OmiseGo

 Bloopi::API::Ether.exchange({:deposit_address=>"0x00c02245d47e1EE134B67C8a4e035C0A063fce2D", :from_address=>"0xdaa0dcc41d89e060e619cafe0c09e6a637b0f8ac", :password=>"[hidden]", :quantity=>0.05215999999999999})

OmiseGo balance

args = {wallet_address:""}

Send OmiseGo

args = {to_address:"", from_address:"", password:"", quantity:0.001}

ERC20 token balance

args = {wallet_address:"", contract_address:""}

Send ERC20 token

args = {to_address:"", from_address:"", password:"", quantity:0.001, contract_address:""}

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