I write this simple contract:

contract greeter {
    event LogSender(address sender);
    function getSender() constant returns (address) {
       return msg.sender;

Web Env [OK]

  1. Google Chrome with MetaMask Plugin
  2. Remix for Compile, Deploy and Run My contract
  3. Geth client in private test network

I choose account in MetaMask, call the function getSender() and it return the right value (the selected address in MetaMask)

C# Env (Nethereum) [WRONG]

  1. Windows Form app with included Nethereum Portable Lib
  2. Geth client in private test network

        Web3 web3 = new Web3(new ManagedAccount(txtAddress.Text, txtPassword.Text), "http://localhost:8545");
        GreeterService gs = new GreeterService(web3, txtContractAddress.Text);
        var res = await gs.GetSenderAsyncCall();
        txtLog.AppendText("getSender: " + res + "\n");
    catch(Exception ex)
        txtLog.AppendText(ex.Message + "\n");

When I call the function with C#, res => first address of geth accounts! The address used for create an instance of ManagedAccount is not recognized!

Please give me support guys!!!

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You need to pass the wallet address in if you want specific info on a specirfic address

    Contracts.Function myFunctionName = contract.GetFunction("YourFunctionName");
    bool value = await myFunctionName.CallAsync<bool>(from: address, gas: new HexBigInteger(0), value: new HexBigInteger(0), functionInput: i);

This assumes you have a function that checks the wallet address for something based on i as an index (returning true or false);

There is no gas cost for checking information from the Blockchain.

  • Even if the gas won't be charged this call will fail, if the gas parameter is set to 0. We need to pass the EstimateGasAsync result called from function instance
    – gsscoder
    Jun 4, 2022 at 8:29

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