I am learning more about creating a front end that communicates with solidity contracts. At first, I was pointed in the direction of using ReactJS, but now I see many people talking about using MeteorJS to do this. My question is:

What are some things about MeteorJS that makes it a good framework solution for dApp development?

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There is so much competition in the JavaScript framework space and they are basically all good if you have good command of it ...

I think MeteorJS is popular in this space not because it is better than React but because one important member of the Ethereum Foundation Fabian Vogelsteller (main contributor of the JavaScript library Web3) wrote several books about MeteorJS and was one of the first developing dApp.

Back to September 2015, he said:

Why Meteor?

Meteor is one of the most complete JavaScript platforms for single page applications out there. It comes with all the tools you need for development (Dev-Server tool, build tool, live reload, CSS injection, pre-compiling, templating engine, client side database, etc), a lot of packages (+ every other JS library) and a development team, which constantly improves the core freatures.

Additionally the reactive programming model Meteor templates and minimongo (Its in-memory DB) use are a real helper to build fast and clean consistent interfaces.

Here at ethereum use Meteor for our Ðapps (and most of our websites too) and and i've build already a list of Meteor Ðapp packages that make building a Ðapp more fun.


But nowadays, you can find very good tutorial and resources to develop dApp in React, Angular or Vue.

In my opinion, the most important point is to have a good understanding of the Ethereum mechanism and the JS library Web3.


Meteor React together is great, checkout "Pup" by The Meteor Chef.... its amazing. They have a full invoicing app template here: https://themeteorchef.com/tutorials/building-an-invoicing-app

  • Meteor is for people who suck at javascript. (okay jokes aside, i'll continue seriously)
  • Meteor is a fullstack framework, your smart contract is the back end. You're wasting half of the framework.
  • Meteor is good for webapplications because of miniMongo
  • Minimongo doesn't do anything for you when using dApps.
  • You will be loading in a ****ton of resources you will not use

So why use meteor? Well if you don't know any better ...

I use truffle+vue-CLI , such magic.

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