I am searching for a way to get credentials for ethstats on the main-nets. I found some references that you could get them on a skype-channel. Would love to not use skype - is there another way?

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Currently Skype is the only way to get the WS_SECRET.

You simply join the skype channel and the WS_SECRET will be the name/id of the channel. You do not need to stay in the channel for it to work -- just copy the ID, close skype, and paste it in the app.json file that comes with the Network-Status github project.

Once you filled it all in, run an instance of Network-Status by executing pm2 start app.json after you've cloned the project from github.

  • Thanks - I do not really like the fact you have to use skype (kind of a blocker for me) - but accept it anyway as it seems to be the correct answer
    – ligi
    Jan 31, 2018 at 1:15

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