I have a function that does not read or modify contract's state:

contract C {

    function add(uint a, uint b) public returns (uint) {
        uint res = a + b;
        return res;


Does it make sense to use pure/view modifier? I mean, will the function use less gas after that or what is the reason to use it?


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If you can make your function pure, you should always make it pure. Otherwise, if you can make your function view, you should always make it view.


  • If you make your function pure or view, you can call it for example through web3.js without needing a transaction, without any gas cost and without confirmation delay.

  • Currently, it will not reduce gas cost when executing on the EVM. However, in the future it may help the Solidity compiler to optimize your program.

  • It will prevent you from accidentally reading or writing contract state in functions where you don't want to.




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