I know that mapping use addresses, based on a hash of key + position of mapping storage variable

keccak256(bytes32(variable_address) + bytes32(key))

And I want to know where variable would be stored if this address is already used?? Yes, possibility of hash collision is really low, but it is still possible.

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The other value will simply be overwritten in the case of a hash collision. By just writing to a mapping, your program will not notice that there was a hash collision.

The size of the virtual address space of the state variable storage is 2^256 * 32 bytes.

The chance of a hash collision is not just 'really low' it is astronomically low.

The chance is about 0.00... (70 more zeroes here) ... 001%. You are more likely to win the jackpot in a national lottery 8 times in a row. There are other things to worry about in life than hash collisions.

This resource may help you learn more:


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