My question is related to this:

MetaMask and Ethereum Private Chain (for test)

The difference is that here I want to use a light client who can create its address, public and secret keys; and store them locally.

Assume I have a private blockchain on computer A. I have defined some money in the Genesis block for myself.

I'd like other nodes via online tools, e.g. MetaMask and MyEtherWallet to:

1- create their public/secret keys and address.

2- create an account on the private chain.

3- Then I (computer A) can give them some Ether.

4- Now, they can deploy their smart contract to the private chain.

Question: How can other nodes create accounts in the above setting and interact with the computer A?

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There are libraries in javascript to generate a wallet programatically eth-lightwallet and ethereumjs-wallet.

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